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Thank you for choosing Arbor Hills Veterinary Clinic to care for your pet while you are away. During your pets stay we want to make sure it’s the best possible experience for you and your pet. You may bring your pet’s food and some treats.
We are not responsible for lost or items destroyed by your pet. For safety and health reasons, we require a yearly annual physical examination performed by an Arbor Hill’s Veterinarian with vaccinations and parasite control for your pet(s) as needed. If your pet is not up to date on an annual physical, one will be performed and you will be charged accordingly.
I understand that if any parasites such as fleas or intestinal parasites are noticed, they will be treated while my pet is boarding and I understand that I will be financially responsible for such treatment.
Fear Free Hospital/Boarding Stays
While your pet is staying at Arbor Hills Veterinary Clinic, we strive for a stress-free environment for our patients so that they can recover from ailments peacefully as well as boarding more comfortably. If your pet has a concerning behavior such as storm phobia, noise aversion, cage aggression or separation anxiety, we are able to help them feel more comfortable by using natural stress-free techniques (body wraps, calming supplements, dimming lights, pheromones, etc.) and/or if natural techniques do not work, we may be required to give them a mild sedative to help them relax and therefore keeping other animals relaxed. All pets will be given a probiotic supplement. By signing below, you are giving us permission to use anti-anxiety techniques listed above so that we can ensure all of our patients are stress-free and more comfortable during their stay. Remember that your neighboring pet’s owner will also have signed this form therefore ensuring a pleasant experience for all.
Authorization of Services
If your pet requires administration of medication during their stay there will be an additional daily fee of $3.00 per day for medications or $12.00 per day for injections (i.e., Insulin). All medications must be in the appropriate prescription bottle/package.
Emergency Contact
In case of emergency I give Arbor Hills Veterinary Clinic consent to treat and care for my pet(s) while here. Arbor Hills Vet Clinic will attempt to contact me at the contact numbers I have provided. In the event that I am unreachable, I authorize Arbor Hills Vet Clinic to give appropriate treatment for the well-being of my pet(s).
In case of emergency, I give permission to Arbor Hills Veterinary Clinic to perform CPR*
Due to our boarding reservations filling up, especially around holidays, we want to accommodate as many of our clients as we can. With that in mind, reservations need to be canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled arrival date. If you do not call/show to your reservation, it will be canceled and your account will be charged a one-night penalty.
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